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      Why Study LAW AND JUSTICE ???

      Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Legal education has been one of the oldest education in the context of human society. In this sense development of legal education has got special importance in the development of any country.

      ‘Dedicated to country and people’, ‘Quality education at an affordable fee’, ‘intellectualization of the whole society’ are the major objectives of Khwopa Secondary School. In every objective, there lies the essence of justice. This examplifies the realization of justice by Khwopa and its parent organization, the Bhaktapur Municipality.

      Since legal education plays a crucial role in the national and international arena and it plays a significant role in establishing a just and equitable society, Khwopa started legal education in the secondary level education. Legal education is a human science. It furnishes the society beyond techniques, skills, and competencies. The legal education applies philosophies, ideologies, critiques, and instrumentalities to create and maintain a just society. A legal education not only develops the skills for a successful lawyer but also a successful manager, policy-maker, politician, journalist, businessman, diplomat, or police officer.

      The law education equips for almost any profession that requires intellectual strength combined with a practical approach to the world. Overall, the legal education makes one well suited to live in as well as guide human society. The systems of law and justice in all countries do constitute collectively a core foundation of the governance of their societies. The contribution of the systems of law and justice in fostering law and order and the process of educating the whole society to follow the rule of law. For a better society, good governance is explicably indispensable.

      A democratically functional system of law is vital for attaining trustworthy civic responsibility of the general population as well as it is a tool of a smoother transition of society towards a better society. Furthermore, a functional system of law is a condition precedent for economic
      development and social transformation of the given society. The study of law and justice is thus vital for all purposes and as such the discipline of law constitutes a cross-cutting subject which encompasses every aspect of individual human and social life.

      The history of formal legal education, in Nepal, is comparatively shorter, and the history of recognition of jurisprudence, as a vital component of the study of law, is too short. In this context, the opening up of opportunities for aspiring students tostudy law at the secondary level (11–12) is not only important form the point of view of academic pursuit but also vital in view of generating a mass of efficient and effective lower-level human resources to be consumed by the institutions of law and justice. This is so also due to the need for fostering rule of law and good governance in the context of a new democratic constitution. In consideration of these multiple significances, the stream of the education of law and justice at the higher secondary level is considered to be a milestone for fostering rule of law as well as required lower-level human resource.

      Seats available and subjects offered

      Shift No. of Groups Optional Subjects
      Morning 1 Jurisprudence and Legal Theories, Procedural Law, Constitutional Law


      Subjects Combinations

      you can choose any one subject combination

      S.N     Grade XI   (Morning Shift)
      1 C. Nepali, C. English, Social Studies, Jurisprudence & Legal Theories, Procedure Law, Constitutional Law


      Fee Structure (Detail Fee Struture: https://www.khwopahss.edu.np/content/detail/13.html )

      Description Class 11 Class 12
       Monthly fee (1850 X 12) 22,200 22,200

      Annual Fees (Laboratory, Internal Examination, Student ID Card, Photograph, SPRF Book, One Day Tour, Library, Extracurricular Activities, Sports, Information and Communication Technology, Orientation Program, Misc Fees etc.)

      19,500 19,500
       Local Educational Contribution Fee(LECF) 925 925
       Admission Fee 8,500 0
       Bond (returnable after 2 years) 500 0
       Total 51,625 42,625
       Total of 11 and 12 94,250


       First Installment (Admission / Enrollment)
       Second Installment 12,000 10,000
       Third Installment 12,000 10,000
       Fourth Installment 12,000 10,000

      The above fee does not include the examination fee of the National Examination Board and the school uniform fee. 

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